Sunday, July 22, 2007

Crack in My Fortress

Today, when we were catching some sun in Greenwich park, I was thinking about what to write today.
So, god (or someone there above) send us a surprise. When we came back home (after some argument with Alyona - she wanted to stay there a bit longer), we saw someone running past our windows from the back garden towards the road. Apparently, someone tried to break into our house from the back door. Luckily, to get through the back door was not such a easy task: the door has 5 mount points and made iron and double forced glass.
After we called police and our landlord, they came to inspect the damage and to take all the details. Police tried to drive around but without success.
There is a crack in my fortress... some one tried to break in!
Now, how am I suppose to sleep in there?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pink Floyd Concert In... Rochester

Let's start by saying that it was Australian Pink Floyd show, but they are as good (or even better) then the original band. Sure, they didn't write the songs and the lyrics, but they are performing them hell good!
So, last Saturday we went to Rochester (again) to a Pink Floyd show at Rochester Castle. The place gives amazing atmosphere for this kind of concerts. Everything was right...
We have arrived a "bit" earlier, 3 hours before they start, to check out the town, castle and to get good seats. Surprisingly, we were not the first. After having some sandwiches and water (wait... wait a few more lines) the show has started and boy, they were as good as we expected.
Me and the girls (my lovely wife and Marina) started to drink (vodka Smirnoff for them and beer for me) and eat burgers (vegetarian), smell weed (couldn't help it) and sing loudly till we couldn't take it any more. Later on, we abandoned our sits in favor of "rocking" closer to stage with another hundreds of people.
It was absolutely amazing, if a bit cold. As always, check out the photo album at and don't forget to comment.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Weekend in Ashford

This weekend we went to visit our friend Natasha in Ashford, Kent. One hour on the train and we were there...
There is nothing really special about this place. It probably has some piece of history, but we were not able to discover it (maybe it was because we didn't try?). After hanging around with Natasha in Sunday market and then in local park (check out the fountain in the photo album:, we went back to Natasha's place to play with Alyona's nails.
It was just like in the movies. The girls chit chat about nails while Natasha made some very impressive decoration on Alyona's fingers (butterflies, flowers, etc.) and I had one hour of sleep on a couch. Isn't life amazing...?