Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pink Floyd Concert In... Rochester

Let's start by saying that it was Australian Pink Floyd show, but they are as good (or even better) then the original band. Sure, they didn't write the songs and the lyrics, but they are performing them hell good!
So, last Saturday we went to Rochester (again) to a Pink Floyd show at Rochester Castle. The place gives amazing atmosphere for this kind of concerts. Everything was right...
We have arrived a "bit" earlier, 3 hours before they start, to check out the town, castle and to get good seats. Surprisingly, we were not the first. After having some sandwiches and water (wait... wait a few more lines) the show has started and boy, they were as good as we expected.
Me and the girls (my lovely wife and Marina) started to drink (vodka Smirnoff for them and beer for me) and eat burgers (vegetarian), smell weed (couldn't help it) and sing loudly till we couldn't take it any more. Later on, we abandoned our sits in favor of "rocking" closer to stage with another hundreds of people.
It was absolutely amazing, if a bit cold. As always, check out the photo album at and don't forget to comment.

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