Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Month, Another Entry...

It has been a long, long time since I posted here.
During last weeks, I had to work form a dozen different locations for a dozen of different clients (I'm writing this from Birmingham). Needless to say, that during weekends I didn’t want to touch this dull metallic “thing” called laptop.
Couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 28th birthday (I’M MATURE, NOT OLD). My uncle and aunt from US came to London for couple of days and we all together went to Bath (it is ancient city in west of UK with a very impressive history, sights and nature around it) for a tour in Roman baths and spa in natural hot springs (present from Alyona).
A week after, Kremer were on tour in UK, so we went to check out their latest sound in club with very Jewish name: Fiddler’s Elbow. After the show, four big, blond Dutch guys stayed at our place. I have absolutely no idea how they fit in, in our living room, but they did. It was very nice to meet with Rob (guitar) again after more then 8 months and to hear him abusing his guitar. Too bad it was for one night only and… too bad he didn’t play with “Hello Kitty” guitar.
So guys, happy New Year to you all (What, did you know? It is Jewish New Year today!) and… hope to see you all soon.


Hmm… I did it again. I forgot to include the links to photo albums…
Here they are:

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