Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Business Trip to Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv
Who would imagine that after 3 and a half years, I will come back to Tel Aviv as a business man... For anyone who doesn't know, I stayed in Tel Aviv for 4 days... and it was HOT (more then 37C)!
But the best part of the story is a return flight back home (London). I have officially became part of the statistics: BA managed to loose my luggage. Although they did find it 3 days later and it was delivered to out door, the bag was ripped open. I have no photos to share... so, enjoy your week and see you guys soon.

P.S.: Coffee in Israel is sooooo much better then in UK, but it is still too hot... :D


Anonymous said...

So you think it's hot in tel aviv?
try romania...last three days it was 39c. talk about climate change... c'ya

Anonymous said...

didnt u had time 2 meet your old friend in israel????
i hope 2 see u next time!!! :)))))