Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Drink Vodka Like a Russian

Drink Vodka like a Russian, with glasses (>75ml) and not shots(<10ml)!
Well, in this case it was Gorilka, which is a Ukrainian variant of vodka... During the last visit to Bulgaria (read previous blog), we hooked up with a ex-Ukrainian couple who gave me a gorgeous bottle of original Gorilka from Poltava as a birthday present. Russians been Russians, we didn't wait too long for a special occasion and opened that bottle right away. Can you imagine playing "Scrabble" while having glass after glass of that wonderful Aqua Vitae? :D
Enjoy (at least as I did),
P.S.: A short lesson in Ukrainian culture:


Unknown said...

The name "Gorilka" formed from Ukrainian word goril (flame).

Mira Feldman, a Pianist said...

as your mom i skip this time to comment on vodka' subject. you know what i mean...
love you.