Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rosh Hashanah in Israel

You know, the Jewish people are the chosen one. Otherwise, how can you explain that from mid September till (almost) the end of October there are holidays! First of all, you have Rosh Hashanah (a Jewish new year), then the Yom Kippur (judgement day) and finally, Sukkot festival.
This year, my wife managed to convince me to go Israel for Rosh Hashanah. Of course it involved a lot of eating, then eating and finally, eating. There was some kind of competition between my grandma, Alyona's grandma, her uncle and my dad who can feed us better (or more). The first couple of days would more or less as usual when you are visiting long-no-see relative (chit chat, food and some swimming), except my dad scheduled a high class flying demonstration of himself (check out the photo album here). I've got him a “Pilot for a Day” package and he waited for me to come to Israel to fly with him. For those who doesn't know, my dad is an experience pilot, on a highways on Israel...
Then we had the Rosh Hashanah dinner with all the relative squeezed into uncle's apartment where we had some more food, wine and card games (with younger cousins).
On the next day, we made a short trip to Mount Sodom and the Dead Sea where Alyona (and my dad) experienced firsts handed a mud treatment to “renew and rejuvenate” the skin. After this trip, we took the car and drove north, to do some hiking (Gilabon falls and Ein Tina) and meet with my old friends (check out the photo album here).


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