Monday, December 21, 2009

Goodbye England, Hello Canada

For the last couple of days,  London was covered in white - kind of saying "goodbye" before we finally move to Canada.  Considering the last two cold winters and really rainy summers, "Global Warming" theory does not work...
This time around, the transport was working quite well (I guess local councils learned a lesson from previous year fiasco) and couple of our friends (Rob and Ira) came  over for the weekend to say goodbyes. In addition to the traditional visit to a local Nandos restaurant and (failed) attempt to deplete my Whiskey supply (Rob, take care of those lovely bottles of rare single malts that are now in your caring possession), we went to explore the "Abbey Wood".
Having lived in the Royal Arsenal for almost 4 years, we always wanted to explore the area but never had a chance - it was always raining and there is always tomorrow. There are really nice trails for weekend walks and thanks to the freak weather this weekend it was "extra" beautiful...!

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Unknown said...

John, it's not yet hello Canada. We still have 3 weeks. Don't get overexcited.