Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Long time no see, my dear readers (am I the only one?)...

No much to write here. Everything is more or less the same : home-work-pub*-home. So, apart from working, what else can I write about last couple of weeks :

  • I'm studying for IELTS every (free**) moment I have. The exam will be somewhere in October (probably end of the month) and I need to get score higher that 6.5 to be admitted into UK university.
  • I was sick in the last 4 days. There is some virus going on in UK right now and I was the “lucky” one... But, don't worry, I'm well now!



* Only once a week
** Define “free”...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kramer performance at Brodie's

Kramer is a progressive Rock band from Amsterdam. If you haven't hear about it don't worry, me nether before I started to work with Rob (apart from been musician, he is also identity management consultant). You can check out band's website at

Yesterday we went to Brodie's bar to hear Rob and Mark play acoustic set. They were excellent!

They are going to play two more gigs in UK, one in Plymouth and one in Cambridge. If you have a chance, worth your time(and money if you want to buy a CD).

Monday, September 04, 2006


This weekend we were in Preston. It is about 3 hours on a fast train to the north, so were where there in no time.

To tell the truth, it was not one of our famous “UK Explore” trips, but to visit Ira (Alyona's sister).

So, what can be said about Preston ?There is nothing special about the city and most of the time we were shopping. Actually, it was my wife who was shopping when myself and Ira were trying to drag her out of shops.

The only thing we managed to see expect the shopping malls (and Preston High Street) is Preston park. It is huge and beautiful, with amazing virgin nature.