Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Moment of Glory @Vendorcom Card & Payment

Today, I had my moment of glory speaking @Vendorcom Card and Payment Conference in Olympia, London. It also provided a glimpse on the dire state of the world's economy as the conference was suppose to be a part of The Retail Business Show which was cancelled due to firm behind the show has been forced to call in the liquidators. It is very saddening to see Olympia exhibition hall deserted...

P.S.:For those who are interested, I have discussed the issue of Call Recording and the PCI DSS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Fly When You Can Take a Train?

Now, that is what I call "service"!
As I'm writing those lines, I'm on a Virgin Train service from Preston to London and there is nothing better after a long, hard day in the office than to relax in a comfy seat (quite coach) with a drink (tequila sunrise for me please) and a freshly prepared braised beef with herb dumplings. And, we are not talking about plastic trays and forks, but a proper silverware. Oh yeah, there a desert following...
Why fly when you can take a train?!?!


And Once Again… I’m On The Road

After a relatively quite week (had to travel to Reading everyday, but...) after vacation in US, I’m back on the road. During the next few weeks, I will be travelling through Preston, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Hook, Stockholm (yeah… Sweden) and Riga.
If anything worthwhile happens, I will keep you posted. Meanwhile, anyone has suggestions where to go or what to visit there?


Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas and New Year in US

OMG! New York, Miami and New York again; what a vacation…!

In those 3 1/2 week, we have managed to celebrate Christmas (or, shall I write Hanukkah?), New Year and more importantly, change our perception of North Americans (Barak Obama has nothing to do with it). I won’t bore you too much since there is nothing to add to those photo albums:

P.S.: Can someone please explain why it feels colder in London (-1..+2C) than New York (-6..-2C)?