Saturday, August 18, 2007

The "Baby" is Dead

I don't know if you read previous post, but the website I've been building is no longer relevant. It was killed by Microsoft (sort of).
Well, the story is like that... A day after I published my previous post I found out that Microsoft allow you to setup your own website and have your own domain for free. It also includes number of additional services such as email addresses with the same domain name, web site building and statistical tools, etc.
Without further delays (it is Saturday night and I want to go out) I want to present TalkRusianLanguage's new website:
Another SUPER-MEGA-FANTASTIC-AMAZING news are that we have our passports back... with EEA1/EEA2 stamps! We are one step closer to become UK citizens...


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New "Baby" is Born

Good evening my dear readers,
It been so long since last time I had a chance to drop a few lines in here, but I'm back.
First of all (as you probably can see), I've switched back to Fedora and I have just one thing to say about it.... Love it!
Secondly, we have finally applied for "Registration Certificate" (EEA1/EEA2 applications). After waiting more then a month, we have discovered that it takes about 6 months to process the application with all our original document as well as passports are in HomeOffice. So basically, we are more or less stuck on this side of the river for a while. What do I have to say about it? ...Hate it!
During last couple of weeks, I've been deeply involved in our family project to produce a professional looking, service selling, high quality website for my wife ( It is 99% ready, but you all are welcome to visit. Send your comments and personal/professional opinions to the webmaster (Anyway, I will end up reading it). For those who are slow to catch, this is the baby I have mentioned in the title...