Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Ohh boy, this St. Patrick day was one of the best. First of all, as you well know, Lenny was in UK with his (now mine as well) friend Kon.
It is not like we are Irish, but this day is a good opportunity to celebrate with pint or two of Guinness.
We went to "Great Harry" pub . When I was looking for a link, I found some really bad reviews, but the pub was not so bad. It is not as new as it is on the photos, but clean and tidy. They have a very good selection of real ales as well of lagers. But, you are here not because you wanted to read pub review...
So, we headed for the pub pretty early, at 12:30PM had 3 pint (each) and couple of burgers. Guys had traditional Angus steak and mushrooms pie with pint of Spitfire ale (Premium Kentish Ale)... Amazing! Anyway, check out the photos on web album (
Now, since it was Irish holiday and our American friends did celebrate it properly, they have received an "Irish Luck" gift: their flight was delayed. You probably won't consider it as a gift, but if you get £408 compensation (which covers original flight tickets plus all the expenses they had) and opportunity to have more pints you will probably change your mind.
We met again in the centre, in the place called "The Long Acre" in about 10:30PM, had more bear and basically, had a really good time...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend In Colchester

Halua my dear readers...!

Just two days ago, my cousin Lenny came to this great country with his friend Kon (Konstantin).

As every person who wants to educate himself in the ways of world, he came to UK to look and feel the ancient culture of this great country, and to have a decent pint of ale...

So, we decided to renew our tradition of going to differente cities in UK and spam you the day after... so, this weekend we went to Colchester.

It is about 90km from London (50 minutes on train). The town is not large, it has a population of 104,390 and, as the oldest recorded Roman town, makes claim to be the oldest tow in Britain. Check out web photo album (