Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The End of "Miami" Era

All things have to end, and so is my short visit to Miami.
It was an excellent visit: boating, dining, tennis, pool, BBQ, music, etc. In those short days I managed to do so much that I can understand how I had time to sleep.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Atlanta (Part 2)

OK... I'm not going to bore you to death with what I do in the office, information security. So, nothing special happened down here, in Atlanta GA. But what I do want to write about is food. Yesterday we went to Indian restaurant called Swapna, delicious! While it looks like a dive from the outside, this is actually a really nice Indian restaurant with attentive servers and delicious food. I have eaten Indian food all over the U.K. and this is truly one of the best I have ever had. The prices are very reasonable for the amount and quality of the food you get. I had a meat samosa for a starter and then Tandoori mixed grill (on the sizzling platter) which was spicy and delicious, and "Mango Kulphi" (had to look at the receipt to spell it) for the desert.

And today, I had THE MOST amazing steak ever! We went to Olde Mill Steakhouse near Cumberland mall in Atlanta. I had a 14oz rib eye (medium rare) piece with baked potato and butter and Caesar salad on the side. The steak was perfectly made with a bit charcoal taste (just amazing). All that was finished with Southern Comfort Pecan pie... A DREAM!

I think I said it before (4-5 years ago) that I will not eat meat unless it is a prime cut... I think I will actually do it...

OK... I will go and die quietly after all that food...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Atlanta (Part 1)

It is been a full week now since NWA airline took me to Atlanta GA (it is in USA). After 9 days of constant rain in London, the 32C was a bit too hot for me, but I took it like a man and hide behind double class windows with air conditioner. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm here on information security project for a international corporation (sorry, can't tell) with two of my colleagues from Israel.
There is not much to tell about our work in here. It is more or less as any other project for a big, international company. We have an office on 15Th floor with amazing view over Atlanta. Surprisingly, it is SO green! Our office is in the middle of forest with river flowing beneath the building...
What amazes me every time again, is the size of everything in US; the toilets, cars, hotel rooms... everything is SO big!
On the weekend, we went to Olympic park and then to Atlanta's aquarium, which suppose to be the biggest aquarium in world (is it a surprise?) where they keep couple of whales. The variety of different species that live in the ocean is unimaginable. There is always something crawling, swimming, gliding or just laying out there in the water. Of course, the biggest attraction is two new whales from Taiwan, but it was also fun to touch snake fish and crabs (I'm not really sure about the "scientific" names).
After the aquarium, we took a stroll through Atlanta downtown which is like any other downtown (let's say Manhattan) but with less people outside.
Check out the photo album at and stay tuned for the next week update.
P.S.: The last couple of pictures are actually from Sunday. We went to a shopping mall outside Atlanta and then to relax on the Lanier lake.