Saturday, May 19, 2007

“Almost” American Dream

We have moved to a new house (mind, not apartment). The house is a bit smaller that the previous two bedroom apartment, but it has private garden and we don't have annoying neighbors.

On the very first day we “tried” to stuff everything (mostly Alyona's shoes and clothes) into our smaller wardrobe and storage room. Now, it is completely filled...

But on the second day, oh the second day, we made a long waited BBQ! We had this grill for a year, but couldn't use it our previous place because of some fire safety instructions. That day, we had couple of friend over to celebrate (and had some free food) with beer and burgers (NOT only veggie burgers but prime cut beef burgers), tea, coffee and sweets. After some failed attempts we managed to light the fire and had those burgers cracking happily on the net. In no time, as a professional paparazzi, Alyona had her camera out (device that weight 1.5kg and has 2-3 different lenses) and took about 1000 pph (photos per hour). You can check out some of them here: Now, I hope you noticed the most shocking photo. I look sooo much older, like a real grown up man.
But... still charming!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

New "John White" Shoes

I have just got (paid by Alyona) a new pair of "John White" black shoes. What can I say, they are amazing!
So soft, comfortable and light...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Weekend in Prague

What a beautiful place to be!
We have just came back from Prague, the most beautiful place on this planet. The weather was not too good, but the charm of Prague make up to that.
We stayed not far from the centre of the city, in Arpacay hostel (near Angel station). The hostel was clean, breakfast was good and stuff was friendly.
On the first day, we arrived at 13:00 to Prague, went to the hostel to check in. Following that, we took a metro to the centre to have a good dinner in our favourite restaurant.
The day after, we went to see some old synagogues and Jewish places (where they charge you for "air" you breath) and then for a nice walk along the Vltava and old Vysehrad castle. We finished that do by doing small shopping, some beer and a movie (Sunshine).
Our last day in Prague was dedicated to shopping. After a quick breakfast and tour to Staropramen brewery (it was closed), we went to a Ziclin shopping mall.

Check out the photo album .