Monday, January 28, 2008

Once upon a time in London...

What a week...
If I have another one like that, I will become alcoholic...
It started with Rob S. on... wait, when did he come down to London? Probably too much drinks earlier that week.
Anyway, he came down here from the sunny city of Carlisle to celebrate his 28th (yeah, I know he looks younger) birthday. We went to the O2 (actually, sailed there) to have some spicy dead chicken meat at Nandos (some call it "wings") and then couple of drinks at Silk Thai. That place (the Thai one) has a huge selection of cocktails. And just imagin what you need to say to the waitress if you want to order "Sex in the Jungle" or "Sex on the Beach". Thanks god they don't have "Sex in the Storage Room"...
Check out the photo album at
Anyway, when Rob left to Amsterdam, we had another excellent, absolutely smashing time crushing Anna's flat on Friday night. It was a kind of "by invitation only" party with A LOT OF @#$r@#$ (come on, if I will say it, you will most definitely think that I'm alcoholic) and dancing. Basically, we had fun. You can check out the album at
Then came the weekend. Rob came back from Amsterdam and we headed once again to O2.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Leben der Anderen, Das

Yesterday I watched "Das Leben der Anderen". This movies is also known by the name of "The Life of Others". It is a drama (I didn't know I was watching drama movies as well...) about life in East Germany during communist regime, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I found this to be a brilliant movie with wonderful storyline and excellent performance of actions.
It definitely deserves all of the scooped awards such as Oscar for best foreigner file, 3 European file awards (best film, best actor and best screenwriter) among the others.
Once again, a brilliant film.