Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Brewmaster Beer Kit!

MR.BEER Brewmaster's Select Beer Kit I definitely would like to try this...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

-17C, The "Cool Cat" Walk and Ethiopian Cuisine in Toronto

While the thermometer indicated -17C outside, we have decided to go for a Cool Cat's stroll in Toronto. Although the name and the description on the website suggest a very "sexy" evening out, in the nutshell it is a stroll down the Queen St. ("it" street in Toronto) from somewhere around University Ave. down to Roncesvalles Ave. Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice stroll with many contemporary (not your everyday "mom and paps" places) eateries and shop,  and Toronto at night has its own charm.
After a while, we stabled upon Addis Ababa restaurant specializing in Ethiopian cuisine. We were cold, hungry and never tried Ethiopian cuisine before, so we went in, into the sound of live jazz music and smell of Ethiopian coffee. The menu is quit simple with equal selection of vegetarian and meat dishes, the decor included portraits of generals, woman making bread in clay ovens, giraffes and other animals, with soothing soft  (live) jazz music in the background. The food itself is served in a traditional flat Ethiopian bread, not too spicy (not too blunt either) and very tasty. We tried Yeson Beye Ainetu, a selection (sample) of all vegetarian dishes, and finished with traditional Ethiopian coffee and fried banana. And the coolest thing about the place is that everything is eaten with your hands...
Till the next time.