Monday, November 20, 2006

South of USA

Are we in Miami yet?
Yes we are! We spend first day in Florida in Aventura at my mom's place and the day after we drove to Orlando. In there, we visited 2 parks: Universal Studios and The Island of Adventure (
So, here we are. A week after we have landed in US we went on a cruise to Bahamas ( We were suppose to have 2 stops: Coca Island and Nassau, but because of bad weather conditions we didn't stop on Coca Island. On Nassau we spend a day on a beach and hired jet ski. The guy who rented the jet ski called my mom "Boss Lady"! After a day on a beach, my skin hurts sooo much! I'm as red as lobster in beer...

Now, my planes are to relax and just to lay down by the pool and read some book.

No more activities!

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