Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend In Colchester

Halua my dear readers...!

Just two days ago, my cousin Lenny came to this great country with his friend Kon (Konstantin).

As every person who wants to educate himself in the ways of world, he came to UK to look and feel the ancient culture of this great country, and to have a decent pint of ale...

So, we decided to renew our tradition of going to differente cities in UK and spam you the day after... so, this weekend we went to Colchester.

It is about 90km from London (50 minutes on train). The town is not large, it has a population of 104,390 and, as the oldest recorded Roman town, makes claim to be the oldest tow in Britain. Check out web photo album (

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Anonymous said...

:-)John,your friends are both so cute!..good Lord!
..oh,yeah,the squirrel also rules)))