Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Weekend in Prague

What a beautiful place to be!
We have just came back from Prague, the most beautiful place on this planet. The weather was not too good, but the charm of Prague make up to that.
We stayed not far from the centre of the city, in Arpacay hostel (near Angel station). The hostel was clean, breakfast was good and stuff was friendly.
On the first day, we arrived at 13:00 to Prague, went to the hostel to check in. Following that, we took a metro to the centre to have a good dinner in our favourite restaurant.
The day after, we went to see some old synagogues and Jewish places (where they charge you for "air" you breath) and then for a nice walk along the Vltava and old Vysehrad castle. We finished that do by doing small shopping, some beer and a movie (Sunshine).
Our last day in Prague was dedicated to shopping. After a quick breakfast and tour to Staropramen brewery (it was closed), we went to a Ziclin shopping mall.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It looks like you guys had a lovely time there. It's been nearly 3 years since I was in Prague. I'm looking forward to checking it out again soon with Anna. BTW, what did you think of the movie Sunshine? I thought it was beautifully made but plotwise the story was a bit empty. Anway all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

...sometimes Prague looks like Riga...however,the scenery around the main river is different - it is more 'green' :-)and some other sites make Prague different too - such an impression... I especially like the photo with giraffes and the ones showing you having lunch in the hotel :-)

Lost in Service said...

I'll have to visit sometime before it becomes too expensive to go. You guys are making me incredibly jealous. I see you are loving the camera and the pictures are beautiful.

Archie said...

Hi John and Illona,

Fantastic weekend you had in Prague! How many times have the two of you been there already?
I especially liked the action fotographs! They brought a smile on my face. Hope to see you guys soon or hear from you in an other story!


Mira Feldman, a Pianist said...

hey, all my dear! in very few words i can tell you that you are succeeded to express your emoutional statement through all these wonderful pictures! happy for you!
looking forward to spend a quality time together with you in Prague and that time you will be our tourist leaders. love you, mom