Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Fly When You Can Take a Train?

Now, that is what I call "service"!
As I'm writing those lines, I'm on a Virgin Train service from Preston to London and there is nothing better after a long, hard day in the office than to relax in a comfy seat (quite coach) with a drink (tequila sunrise for me please) and a freshly prepared braised beef with herb dumplings. And, we are not talking about plastic trays and forks, but a proper silverware. Oh yeah, there a desert following...
Why fly when you can take a train?!?!



Mira Feldman, a Pianist said...

it is great that you hearfeltly appreciate what comes to you or what is at your disposal... and gratefuly enjoy all little things which are actually present our life

Anonymous said...

wow :-) what did you do in Preston, I wonder!!