Saturday, February 14, 2009

North Midlands, UK

After a weekend in Stockholm, I had a pleasure of discovering north of England (mind you, not United Kingdom). I have to say, that Sheffield surprised me most; it is up and coming city with a lot of money invested in it. There is a brand new train station, renovated high street, new trams are connecting different parts of the town and people are friendly. I stayed in Best Western Cutlers Hotel, which is nothing special but definitely good value for money (you are getting what you are paying for) and dinned at Vijays (not bad, but again, nothing special).
But the best part of the week was the drive from Sheffield to Knowsley (Liverpool) through the Peak District (check out the photo above). I would never believe that that was in UK...
In Knowsley, I’ve stayed in Suits Hotel Knowsley and it was surprisingly good, given it was £65 per night (including breakfast). It was closer to a small apartment rather than a hotel room; the double bedroom had a king size bed and in addition there was a lounge room with all the amenities you come to expect from much more expensive hotel chains.

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