Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lichfield - The Gem of the Middlands

Once again, my work took me to a place no one heard or visited before. According to Wikipedia, Lichfield is a “city of the dead” where thousand Christians were martyred around AD 300, but today it is a gem of the midlands: the city has a very relaxing vibe, with quite young population (at least, that was my impression), beautiful cathedral, clean streets and numerous restaurants to please every taste.
I have stayed at the George Best Western hotel which has its own pub and carvery restaurant, but during my stay I have tried couple of places on the high street (including the amazing “The Thai Rainbow”).
For shoppers, there is a Friarsgate centre as well as traditional market. The high street is full of boutique shops and big chains.
As for transportation, there is a direct train link from London Euston, or 25-30 minutes from Birmingham.
Definitely will come back to relax for a weekend.


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Julian V said...

I can't believe you were yesterday near Birmingham. We were there too, not for business but for pleasure (if you can call it like that)