Sunday, August 13, 2006


Another week, another city...

This time we were in Rochester. It is about 45-55 minutes from London by train in south east direction.

Rochester is a beautiful city. Not too large like London but large enough to be interesting. The older parts of the city are built around Rochester castle and cathedral. It is a really old castle of around 1300. If you go there, this is a must place to visit. After paying 7 quid (for both of us), we spend 2-3 hours exploring the old norman castle. When you go to the top there is a really magnificent view over the city.

From the top we noticed a gorgeous leafy park where we spent some time afterwards. The parks there are very different from London “generic” parks, where you see flowers and lakes. Here they are full of trees and shady benches to sit and relax on.

After historical places we went to Rochester high street to do some shopping and relax in an Italian restaurant.

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