Monday, August 07, 2006


Ohh.. that was a long week and short weekend.
We took a direct train from London to Brighton and in 50 minutes we were there : sun and beaches. The city is nice and sunny, and the each is cold and stony. Well, not exactly stony, but it is full of pebbles and small stones.
So, first of all, we went to a Saturday market near the train station. It is located in small and very colourful alleys where you can buy everything : from old typing machines to Shakespeare in welsh.
From there, we went to some old church and had a breakfast in front of it. While we were chewing our sandwiches some guy tried to sell us some weed. We were so shocked which guy interpreted as our stupidity and tried to explain to us that it is just “ganja”, “marijuana”.
We have also visited The Royal Pavilion.It is a former Royal palace built as the home for the Prince Regent during the early 1800s. It is notable for its Indian architecture and Oriental interior design.
After that, we went to get some sun tan on beach. We spend more or less 2 hours on the beach (I event managed to sleep for couple of minutes.... undetected by my wife) after which I was red as lobster in beer. Alyona also took a deep in the ocean which was too cold for me (yeah.. it is not fare, she is from Baltic country!).
Ohh... sh*t! I have almost forgot to mention that there was a “love parade” (which means “Gay-People-Walking-Free-On-The-Streets-Wearing-Almost-Nothing-And-Touching-Each-Other”). They also refer to Brighton as “The gay capital of Britain”.
OK, done with the gays...
After 2 hours on the beach, we went to hang around the city, do some (small) shopping and finally got to very nice Italian restaurant (ASK). I have to say, the prices were not sky high but not too cheap either.
To summarize the tripe it 2 words : Good (yeah.. only one...).

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