Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cross Europe in 4 Days

I took my time... sorry for that.
As I mentioned before, I starded a new job at Verizon Business UK a few weeks ago and those guys keep me busy.
We have this multinational, multicontinental, multimillionaire client whom I cannot mention (of course) and last week, I had to audit their offices in Lisbon, Madrid, Paris and Brussels. Of course, you can fly, but why to fly if you can take a Tranhotel?
There is not much to say about it; Restaurant was SUPERB, my (Grand Deluxe) cabin was small but comfortable with my own shower and toilet, but the best thing is that you don't have to get two hours in advance to the airport (which is usually located some distance from the city) for tedious security checks, and you arrive all refreshed to the very centre of your destination.
Well, check out my photo album at Although most of it is Lisbon, you can still catch a glimpse of Madrid and Paris.


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