Friday, June 20, 2008

A Day in La Rochelle, France

Now, why would someone wouldn't want to live here?
I know... I know... there is a French flag in there... but those "local" representative of French nation are friendlier and much more good looking than those in Paris (go ahead and call me a racist).
Apart from that, I rediscovered a sea food. After a huge disappointment (in London) of paying more then 20GBP for 10 molluscs, I was served a bowl (about 400-500 grams) of Moules Au Roquefort, bowl of chips (oui mesdames et messieurs, the famous French fries), Kronenbourg 1664 and the coffee all for 15 euro! Don't get me wrong. It wasn't one of those dodgy places (where you can eat till you drop for 5 quid) but a decent restaurant by the ocean among white sails of yachts...
What else, the city is beautiful! Check out the photo album at

P.S.: Ohh yeah, I forgot to mention. This was a business trip...

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